Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) prevention: From neuroscience to practice


  • Book the date: Friday, May 25, 2018, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


  • Venue: UR- Remera Campus


  • Organizing Unit: Centre for Mental Health




Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) prevention: From neuroscience to practice



More and more people are exposed today to potential traumatic events such as terrorism, traffic accidents, natural disaster and war. Sadly, past mental health efforts have mainly been non-evidence based and reveal the cost of not pre-testing any type of intervention. Debriefing was found in 4 meta-analyses not to prevent PTSD and in some studies it even caused it. The lecture will elaborate on the neuroscientific rationale and empirical evidence for the memory structuring intervention + Vagal breathing (MSI + VB), which aims to shift trauma processing from a limbic, implicit and somatic-emotional manner to a frontal, cognitive and verbal manner. Prof. Yori Gidron will present findings of their several trials and will also demonstrate the method. The MSI + VB seems to prevent PTSD, especially in women, and reduces the acute stress response. 



1.Brief Biosketch of the Presenter

Yori Gidron is Israeli. Did his PhD in Dalhousie University, Canada in experimental health psychology. He is a psychoneuroimmunologist and currently chair of psychooncology. His main work is on vagal nerve modulation of cancer and other physical and mental diseases.

2.Employment History

Years                                       Rank/Title/Function                University/Institution

2016-Present                           Chair of psycho-oncology       Lille 3 University, France

2009-2016                               Professor of Behav.                VUB, Belgium


                                                (I lead this domain)

2009-2010                               Assoc. Prof                             IESEG, France

2007-2009                               Full Professor  &                     Brunel University, UK

                                                Deputy-head (research)           School of health & Social Care

                                                (Prepared school for REF)

2006-2008                               Research affiliation                 Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels,         

2005-2007                               Associate Prof.                        Univ. of Tilburg, NL

2003-2005                               Senior lecturer                         Southampton University

                                                (Co-director of MSc. Health-

                                                Psych, Coordinator of

Behavioral Medicine)

1997- 2003                              Lecturer                                   Ben-Gurion University

2001                                        Adjunct lecturer                      Weizman Institute

2000-present                           Adjunct lecturer                      ISPA, Portugal

1996-1997                               Senior Researcher                   Carmel Inst. For Social Studies

1996                                        Researcher                              Hadassah Hospital, Dept. of


1996                                        Adjunct Lecturer                     Yizrael Valley College          


3.Research domains:

  1. The role of the vagus nerve in cancer & chronic diseases
  2. The role of hemispheric lateralization in infectious & mental diseases
  3. The effects of psychological inoculation on health behaviors
  4. Can neuroscientific methods prevent PTSD?

4.Clinical & Practical experiences

  1. Developed, provided and validated a CBT-intervention for reducing hostility in cardiac patients, as part of my PhD thesis
  2. Developed and tested a writing disclosure intervention with various populations.
  3. Developed, piloted and tested an oral intervention, the “memory structuring intervention” for preventing PTSD
  4. Taught educational and clinical psychologists the “memory structuring intervention”
  5. Taught various staff in Haiti, Kosovo & Japan PTSD-prevention methods
  6. Adapted the “psychological inoculation” method and piloted it for Israelis under missile attacks during the last Israel-Gaza combats
  7. Adapted the “psychological inoculation” method to increase condom-use in Nigeria and physical activity in the UK & Belgium
  8. Gave numerous workshops/lectures on “Stress-Management” to police, health professionals, administration and hotel personnel (Israel, Canada, Belgium)


5.Reviewer of scientific manuscripts for the following journals:

1.Health Psychology; 2. Journal of Behavioral Medicine; 3. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 4. British Journal of Health Psychology; 5. Psychology & Health; 6. Social Science and Medicine; 7. Psychosomatic Medicine; 8. Psychiatric Research; 9. American Journal of Cardiology; 10. European Journal of Cancer; 11. Neuroimmunomodulation; 12. Psychooncology; 13. Atherosclerosis.


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Friday, May 25, 2018, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM